Railswestern.com, launched September 1st, 2017, is the successor website to Westernsreboot.com, and reflects an expansion toward increased rail-related Western genre content and advocacy for passenger rail in North America. The geographic focus of rail items is westward from Northern Ontario (Canada) and the US Midwest. The site still maintains a focus upon Western genre news, as I continue to teach three different Western genre courses for two Canadian community colleges.

In terms of background, I am from the small rural village of Iron Bridge, Ontario (population 700), close to the north shore of Lake Huron in Northern Ontario. Iron Bridge is located some 70 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario/Michigan). My interest in passenger rail advocacy began to grow with my westward travels over the past half-decade. I immediately experienced the significant gaps that existed in the North American rail travel network, gaps that were in fact once served by passenger trains.

One family connection I have to that network is that my great-great grandfather (W.J. Beharriell) ran a boarding house, general store & post office adjacent to the Canadian Pacific tracks at Dean Lake, ON (between Sudbury  and Sault Ste. Marie). Serving those arriving and departing by train, he began that business in 1911, when one could travel thru the Dean Lake station from Montreal, Quebec, to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is evident that a resurgence in passenger rail is underway in North America, as the continent’s two largest demographic groups (the Baby Boomers and the Millennials) move away from car ownership while seeking a safe, reliable and energy-efficient way to travel. For professionals like myself, the ability to travel and work simultaneously, and in comfort, is just one attractive feature of passenger trains.

Further information about the rail advocacy groups I am a part of, the National Association of Railroad Passengers (US), Colorado Rail Passenger Association, and the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (Canada), can be found at the respective links NARP, ColoRail CAPT. As well, I am a member of the Western Literature Association and their site can be accessed via WestLit .

ACR Steam Train
ACR Steam Train / Image – captrains.ca

Those interested in taking the Western genre courses that I teach, whether in-class or online, can find registration information via the links for St. Clair College (Windsor, ON) &  Sault College – Con Ed  (Sault Ste. Marie, ON). Potential students can also visit the College Courses link for the most recent listing of Western classes I am teaching.

My email is provided below for those that wish to correspond directly with me.

Thanks for your time in reading this and I hope that you travel this way often!

Chad Beharriell, MA

Email: cbeharriell@saultcollege.ca


  1. Chad,

    I just discovered your blog, and enjoyed your recent posts. I’ve included a link to your Western blog mine, on blogspot. I hope you’ll consider doing the same (though I’ll admit I still need to learn re: posting videos).

    Nice to see another writer who is carrying the standard of Westerns!

    Thomas Foster

  2. Thanks for your contact, Thomas. I have posted a link to your website at the Facebook platform that I use to direct to this website….apparently this Facebook thing is popular, ha. Here is the link:


    Your site looks interesting….I like the “bookshelf” feature – The Rough Guide to Westerns you display is in fact the text that I use for my in-class and online courses.


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