Would-be railroad tycoons have a new way to practice strategy. Railroad Rivals (2018), released by Forbidden Games, is a tile drafting & laying game in which players try to create the most profitable rail company -“drafting” refers to choosing from a subset of items (be they cards or tiles). In Railroad Rivals, selected tiles are laid (along with trains) to connect to various US cities with one of twelve American railroads.

Image – forbiddengames.net

Concurrent to building your rail network, players also work to shape a stock portfolio. Deliveries made with your trains increase your stock price and the game’s overall winner is the “railroad baron” with the most profitable railroad and stock. Railroad Rivals includes such historic railroads as the Missouri Pacific and numerous cities across the US such as Chicago and Denver. The artwork is by Mark Page, a commissioned artist for Disney.

Railroad Rivals (gameplay)
Image – bigbossbattle.com

Railroad Rivals is playable for 1-5 people with a running time of approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Official game information can be found at the RAILROAD RIVALS site. 

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


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