Kalypso Media has reached the Southern Hemisphere with its newest downloadable content (DLC) for Railway Empire. The rugged mountains and jungles of the Andes will now test would-be rail tycoons with Railway Empire – Crossing the Andes, released October 19th. This marks the third DLC for the railroad simulation game since the initial launch in January, following that of extra content set in Mexico and the Great Lakes region of Canada. Railway Empire is available for Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

Railway Empire(Andes)
Image – youtube.com

Crossing the Andes is set in the early 20th century, with three new scenarios and two new locomotive engines. With the resources of South America come new goods, such as llama wool, and 34 new cities to reach. The “Night Mode” first introduced in the Mexico DLC is included, and the map expansion ‘South America’ is also extended into Railway Empire’s free game and sandbox modes.

The Andean Mountains, or Andes, are in fact the longest continental mountain range in the world. Located along South America’s western edge, they stretch northward from Argentina, thru a total of seven countries, to reach Venezuela. The following is a trailer for Railway Empire – Crossing the Andes:

For further game information, visit the official (US) link at RAILWAY EMPIRE .

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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