The second installment in this writer’s two-part article about a 1907 rail survey in Northern Ontario can be found via the link GOLDEN ROUTE – PT II. Commissioned by the Bruce Mines & Algoma Railway (BM & A), US-born J.H. Teare would map a route from the Canadian Pacific transcontinental line south-westward to the northern terminus of the BM & A at Rock Lake, 17 miles north of Lake Huron. 

Nip & Tuck Map
BM & A Railway / Image – Algoma Rails (2009)

The first installment in the Sault Star series can be found at PART I. This writer wishes to think the following organizations and individuals for their assistance with research: Marie Price; Jane Smith at the Bruce Mines Museum & Archives; Jean Hershey with the Rydal Bank Historical Society; Dale Wilson, railroad historian & author of Algoma Rails; Sylvia Stobie with Bruce Mines Remembers; Bruce Station Historical Collection.

By way of family connection, this writer’s great-great grandfather, William Robert Beharriell (1888-1979), farmed for decades in the Rydal Bank area, thru which the “Nip & Tuck” trains ran in the early 20th century.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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