Historic Adventures on the Colorado Plateau (2018) is a new book that traces the history of that region from earliest human settlement to the modern-day. The Colorado Plateau is located within the Intermountain West, covering areas of western Colorado, eastern Utah, northern Arizona, and northwestern New Mexico. Drained by the Colorado River, the region is some 130,000 square miles and is primarily high desert spotted with some forest.

High Adventure Colorado.png
Image – arcadiapublishing.com

Author Robert Silbernagel, a former editor at The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, CO, has organized his book into the following eight sections: “The Earliest Travelers”, “Explorers and Traders”, “Rivers of Opportunity”, “Ranchers and Homesteaders Arrive”, “Miners Dig the Colorado Plateau”, “Outlaws on the Move”, “Mechanization and Mobility”, and “Far-Flung Entertainment”.

Text is complemented with maps, photos and artistic renderings for such topic-specific essays as “Old Spanish Trail Was Commercial Highway (1831-1850)”, “Recluses and Eccentrics Traveled Far to Make Plateau their Home (1899-1916)”, and “Auto Enthusiasts Struggled on Midland Trail (1912-1914)”.

Colorado Plateau map
Image – medium.com

Historic Adventures on the Colorado Plateau runs 192 pages and is published by The History Press and Arcadia Publishing.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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