Red Dead Redemption II is not the only new Western video game to debut in 2018. Wild West Online, a “massively multiplayer online” or MMO game for PC (personal computer) launched May 10th on Steam, the digital distribution service. The game is developed by DJ2 Entertainment and published by WWO Partners.

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In Wild West Online, players take sides with one of two groups competing for control of the West. Central game-play sees you work with others to gather supplies and expand your collective territory. Players engage in gunfight battles, side missions and can even play cards. Other activities, grouped under the categories of Settler, Explorer and Maverick, include farming, hunting and mining. 

Wild West Online also sets up public Player vs. Player (or PVP) events that occur randomly and give rewards for participants.  Here is the trailer for the Steam platform launch:

The game’s official site can be found at WILD WEST ONLINE. The website includes game-play videos, discussion forums & product support.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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