The new Contemporary Western TV series, Yellowstone, is set to debut in just over a month’s time. Created by Taylor Sheridan, the ten-episode first season premieres June 20th on the Paramount Network and runs until August 22nd. Sheridan was the director for such films as Sicario (2015), Hell or High Water (2016), and Wind River (2017),  films classified as having a “Neo-Western” feel.

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Yellowstone stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, owner of the largest connected ranch in the United States, located in Montana. Set in the present-day, Dutton faces increasing pressures against the borders of his land, forces that include land developers, Yellowstone National Park, and an Indigenous reservation. The following trailer for the series highlights how Dutton is caught in a type of “chronological middle” – land developers say he cannot stop progress, while a neighboring Native American chief (played by Gil Birmingham) says that he will take Dutton’s land to have it “look like it used to, when it was ours”:

Yellowstone marks the first scripted series for the Paramount Network, with the first season filmed in various Utah and Montana locations. The official show link can be found at YELLOWSTONE. Sheridan writes, directs & executive produces the series.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


    1. Hi Gail…thanks for the visit & comment. I agree with your positive reaction to the series…Taylor Sheridan (and the cast) are doing a great job portraying the modern American West with depth and nuance.


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