Kalypso Media, game studio for the recently-released railroad simulator Railway Empire, has announced free downloadable content (DLC) for the game. Available for Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, Railway Empire has virtual tycoons progress over 100 years of railroad development in North America.

Railway Empire (West Coast)
Image – kalypsomedia.ca

According to Kalypso, the free updates will add new content and enhance game-play based on user feedback. One of the promised additions will be a single (and massive) North American map for use in Railway Empire’s ‘Free Mode’ – the map will reach from the Atlantic to Pacific. As well, an expansive “tech-tree” will feature almost all of the innovations in 100 years of steam engine development. Further new content will follow.

In Railway Empire, players build up their rail company by acquiring train sets, owning stations, and managing employees. Upon release, the game offered 40 historically-accurate locomotive engines for use. The following “How-To-Play” video gives an introduction to the game:

The official Kalypso Media website for this new railroad simulation game can be found at RAILWAY EMPIRE – the site includes media, information on system requirements & an ordering option.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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