The Video Game West, a college-level online course, is now open for registration. Designed and taught by this writer, this credit class allows students to explore the Western genre via the medium of video games. With the highly-anticipated launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 this Spring, The Video Game West is a primer for those looking to understand that game in context.

RDR2 pic(3)
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The 14-week course is offered by Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario/Michigan) and includes the following topics: History of Western Video Games, Locations & Settings, Historical Figures, Multiplayer Experience, and Marketing. Among games discussed are the Red Dead and Call of Juarez series. Assignments include weekly participation questions and a project where students create their own plan for a Western video game!

This online class is offered internationally and is open to all college-level students. An official course description can be found at THE VIDEO GAME WEST and for registration, interested students can contact CONTINUING EDUCATION at Sault College. For course approval for your home college, contact the Continuing Education department and they will provide a course outline for your institution to authorize for your specific program.

The Video Game West begins Tuesday, January 16th (2018) and registration is now open for the course – students can register until January 30th. The cost for this class is $404.44 (CDN), which at the present US exchange rate is approximately $325 (US) – no textbook is required. The course concludes April 24th.  NOTE: My other Sault College course, Westerns: A Study in the Film Genre, also continues to offered – for info on that film-based class visit WESTERNS (FILM). Those with questions can also contact me directly via email @ .

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The Video Game West is continually updated with new developments from the gaming world, with changes reflected in the lecture content & media clips. If you are looking for a different kind of college class, one that matches your own enthusiasm for video games and/or the Western genre, I hope you join us in The Video Game West!

In closing, to give a sense of where Western video games are today, here is one of the trailers for Red Dead Redemption II (2018):

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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