A new Blu-ray special edition of The Long Riders (1980) has been released by Kino Lorber. The 4K restoration is contained in a two-disc set that also features new interviews with actors from the film, director Walter Hill, and soundtrack composer Ry Cooder. The advantage of Blu-ray technology is to allow a high-definition viewing experience, with greater depth, detail and range of color. Blu-ray also provides increased audio capacity. This new edition of the film was released September 26th.

The Long Riders Blu-ray
Image – kinolorber.com

The Long Riders focuses primarily on the years of the James-Younger Gang in the post-Civil War period, which operated until 1876. In an interesting casting choice, four sets of real-life brothers played historical brothers who made up the outlaw group. James and Stacy Keach starred as Jesse and Frank James, with David, Keith, and Robert Carradine as Cole, Jim, and Bob Younger. Randy and Dennis Quaid played Clell and Ed Miller, and Christopher and Nicholas Guest were the turncoat assassins of Jesse James, Charlie and Robert Ford. Here is one trailer for The Long Riders:

Additional features in the Kino Lorber set include an audio commentary with film historians, Howard Berger, Steve Mitchell, and Nathaniel Thompson, and an analysis of the Northfield Minnesota Raid Scene. A one-hour behind-the-scenes look entitled “Outlaw Brothers: The Making of the Long Riders” is also included.

On a budget of $8 million, the film originally grossed $15.8 million upon its initial release. Further information about the Blu-ray set can be found at the official link Kino-Lorber – The Long Riders.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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