The acclaimed docu-drama series, The American West (2016), will have its UK debut June 27th on that nation’s HISTORY channel. The eight-hour eight-part series focuses upon the years 1865 to 1890 in the American West, exploring lesser-known stories of such icons as Billy the Kid, Sitting Bull, Jesse James, Crazy Horse, and Wyatt Earp. The series will simply be titled The West during its UK television run.

The West
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In addition to dramatizing the stories of the featured Western figures, the series examines the connections that each figure had to larger societal events at the time. The West also includes interviews with experts and genre actors such as Redford, Kiefer Sutherland, and Tom Selleck. This site reviewed the series when it first debuted on AMC in 2016, and its treatment of Jesse James was particularly nuanced. For a review of that approach, visit the post Jesse James – Political Snapshot. Here is a trailer for the series when it premiered in the US:

For further information on The West, visit the official UK link at HISTORY UK . The series will have its Australian debut (on that country’s HISTORY channel) this coming October.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


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