A new collector’s set for fans of AMC’s Hell on Wheels (2011-2016) is now available. Released today (May 30th), Hell on Wheels: The Complete Limited Edition Collector’s Set with Soundtrack offers not only every episode of the series but also contains a number of items designed to give context to the Western railroad drama. The acclaimed show framed its story-lines around the construction of the world’s first transcontinental railroad, which saw the westward-building Union Pacific meet the Central Pacific in Utah on May 10th, 1869.

The name of the series is taken from the mobile tent towns that followed the Union Pacific track workers, offering diversions of drink, gambling, and paid female companionship – that movable town was nicknamed “Hell on Wheels”. Filmed in Alberta, Canada, the show primarily followed the journey of former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon (played by Anson Mount) westward with the railroad. (Note: all images below taken from Amazon.com.)

How Box Set Title

The collectibles in set are varied and include a railroad stock certificate and a survey map of the railroad’s route. In addition to behind-the-scenes featurettes, the soundtrack for the series is also provided in both CD and vinyl format. That soundtrack includes both original scores by composer Kevin Kiner and songs by current artists selected for the show.

How Box Set Music

During its run, Hell on Wheels explored a number of themes that still connect to the present-day. Such ideas include the notion of American exceptionalism, Indigenous territorial rights, race relations, the treatment of immigrant workers, social class, and technological growth. Hell on Wheels: The Complete Limited Edition Collector’s Set with Soundtrack can be purchased via various online retailers such as Amazon. Here is a trailer for the show’s debut season in 2011:

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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