The Denver Art Museum is set to host a major exhibition that will examine the Western genre and its development from the mid-1800s thru to the present across a number of mediums. The Western: An Epic in Art and Film will run at museum from May 27th to September 10th of this year. The exhibition is co-organized by the Denver Art Museum and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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The Western: An Epic in Art and Film will feature more than 160 works ranging from painting to film stills to popular culture. With themes that include race relations, gender roles, and gun violence, the exhibition presents an opportunity to consider not only how the mythology of the West developed and spread but also how it persists to the present-day.

A forthcoming companion 320-page illustrated book will launch with the exhibition, and will feature essays by and interviews with selected artists, directors, and historians. That book will be made available at the Denver Art Museum Shop and online. Tickets are yet to go on sale but further information about the exhibition can be found at the official The Western: An Epic in Art and Film  link.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


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