The Colorado Railroad Museum, located west of Denver in Golden, is offering its first Adult Education program of 2017 this coming Saturday, January 21st. On that day, the museum’s Executive Director, Donald Tallman, will give a behind-the-scenes tour. Entitled “Director’s Pick”, Tallman will share some of his favorite museum spots and stories.  

CO RR Musuem Sign.png
Image – Chad Beharriell

The Colorado Railroad Museum is located north-east of downtown Golden and along with a museum, library and store, the grounds offer a wide range of historic railroad equipment. Visitors can get up close with locomotives, passenger and dining cars, and cabooses. A water tower, turntable, and roundhouse are also on the grounds. The following clip, produced by the museum, gives an aerial view (via drone) of what a visitor can expect:

Reservations for the “Director’s Pick” tour are required by January 18th and ordering information can be found at Events. This writer, who spends a significant amount of time each year in Colorado, went to the museum in 2015 and my thoughts on that visit can be found at RR Museum Notebook.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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