Colorado residents and visitors have a chance to launch 2017 with a New Year’s Day hike in a state park. Sponsored by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, park rangers and volunteers in twenty-seven Colorado parks will lead guided “First Day Hikes” on January 1st.

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The hikes, which began in 2012, will vary in length and difficulty and participants should bring water, snacks and dress in layers. Trails could include hiking in snow or upon ice – snowshoes are an option for dealing with snowy conditions. A number of the parks will offer refreshments and free giveaways sponsored by the Colorado Parks Foundation.

The guided hikes are free with a valid Colorado parks pass or a daily park pass ($3 to $9) can be purchased. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is tasked with managing the state’s forty-two state parks, over three hundred wildlife areas, and it leads a number of recreational programs.

The list of guided New Year’s Day hikes (with skill levels) can be found at First Day Hikes. 2017 will mark the largest number yet of state parks offering the hike.

 (Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


  1. Greetings dear friend…it is true, my only two colleagues in Colorado bought the year state park pass in advance. It is worth. PS: I always keep an eye on your website…Walt

    1. Hi there, Walt…thanks for the visit! Hope you and your family are well and glad to hear your “Colorado contacts” enjoyed the state park pass. By the way, I will be in your town later this month and hopefully we can grab a coffee!

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