Passenger rail service returns tomorrow (November 20th) to an area in southern Missouri that has gone without for 48 years. Amtrak’s Texas Eagle – which runs between Chicago and Los Angeles – will now serve the Arcadia Valley Station in Arcadia, Missouri. Previous service by the Missouri Pacific Railroad at the Arcadia depot ended in 1968. 


Arcadia Valley Station / Image –

Up until now, the Texas Eagle had passed by the Arcadia Valley region as it covered the 169 miles between St. Louis and Poplar Bluff, MO. The move to return passenger service was led by residents and the local non-profit Our Town Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to community revitalization. The new stops at Arcadia will be daily each way.

First constructed by the Missouri Pacific in 1941, the 75-year-old depot has had a new passenger platform constructed and other improvements. The Arcadia station will be the closest stop to the famous Missouri Ozarks region. On a historical note, the Arcadia Valley area is just some 30 miles north of where the Jesse James Gang conducted the first train robbery in Missouri, at Gads Hill on January 31st, 1874.

An official ribbon-cutting for the new station stop took place on November 17th. Further information about the Arcadia Valley Station can be found at the Amtrak-sponsored website Great American Stations, an information hub and resource for revitalizing local train stations. 

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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