Netflix is now offering a new season of the contemporary Western Longmire, the fifth in the lifetime of the TV series (and the second produced with Netflix). Despite three years of strong ratings on its original network, A&E, the show was cancelled in the summer of 2014. Netflix picked up production of the Western series, expanded installments by up to 20 minutes for some episodes, and launched Season 4 on its streaming service in September 2015.

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Based on the original novels by Craig Johnson, Longmire is set in present-day Wyoming and arranges episodic mysteries within the larger story arcs of main characters. The strong ensemble cast is led by Robert Taylor, who plays the widowed Sheriff Walt Longmire, lead law enforcement officer for the fictional Absaroka County. The show’s strength as a contemporary Western (i.e. set in the time period it is made) is that it connects the viewer to a number of current issues from the perspective of those living in the American West. Those issues include fracking, Indigenous rights, survivalist culture, animal rights, and simply what it means to live a rural life in the world today. Here is a trailer for Season 5 on Netflix:

The ten-episode of Season 5 of Longmire was made available September 23rd, and all four previous seasons are available to stream. Official production information can be found at Warner Bros.-Longmire.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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