The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, or Amtrak as it is publicly-known, is set to launch its first nationwide magazine this coming October. The National will be a bimonthly publication featuring stories from across the Amtrak network, including those traveling onboard its trains.

Image –

The glossy will be produced by travel publisher, Ink, and will replace the regional magazine, Arrive, available for Amtrak riders in the Northeast Corridor. Ink has stated that the new magazine will highlight travel photography and long-form journalism. Additionally, a digital content portal will be developed for the magazine. In a press release from Ink, The National will celebrate “America and the experience of travel – taking a break from the hectic nature of life to savor the personalities, culture and destinations that can be found across the vast nationwide Amtrak network.”

Founded in 1971, Amtrak connects some 500 communities across the US and also reaches into Canada via Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal – further info can be found at Amtrak. This writer is a frequent rider of the system, often taking the Wolverine and the California Zephyr trains across Michigan, and the Midwest and West, respectively. As this Amtrak-produced clip infers, there shouldn’t be any lack of stories for The National:

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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