The AMC docu-series The American West (2016), produced by Robert Redford, will air the final installment in its eight-episode run on July 30th. With a focus on the period between 1865 and 1890, the series has explored the stories of such Western icons as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Wyatt Earp.

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The American West has used a combination of narration, commentary from historical experts and Western genre actors, and dramatized scenes to examine the connections that each Western figure had to larger societal events at the time. In the case of both Jesse James and Billy the Kid, the series argues that government forces both overtly and tacitly endorsed their assassinations, in order to further business interests in their respective regions (Missouri for James, New Mexico territory for the Kid).


Jesse James (David H. Stevens in foreground) & Frank James (Joseph Carlson) on the run / AMC Image

The last episode of The American West, entitled “The Last Vendetta”, airs at 10E/9C this Saturday. For further information on the series visit the official link The American West.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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