Following the July 8th backwards-compatibility launch of Red Dead Redemption (2010) for the Xbox One gaming console, the acclaimed Western video game has had a huge surge in sales. The industry website Gamespot has reported that retail of the third-person epic, set at the close of the Old West in 1911, has increased by over 6,000%.


In Red Dead Redemption, gamers play as John Marston, a former outlaw forced by the US federal government to track down his former gang. As the player proceeds with this goal, regions of the West open up – areas parallel those of the Great Plains, the arid Southwest, Western mountains, and specifically include Mexico. An online multi-player option allows players to form “posses” to take on each other and/or complete various missions as a team; gamers can do so as a male or female from a range of racial backgrounds.

Red Dead Redemption won “Game of the Year” at the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards and rumors persist of a follow-up installment for the newest gaming consoles. Those rumors include that of a prequel, with the new game set earlier in time and in an area north-east of where the 2010 game began.

Xbox One users can install Red Dead Redemption on their system with either a hard-copy disc or a download from the online Xbox store. Those with a digital copy of the game on the previous Xbox 360 console will see the game appear in their Xbox One digital collection, and can download it from that menu. Reviewers of the Xbox One version have noted an improvement in visual quality on the newer system.

At the above Spike Video Game Awards, Red Dead Redemption also won for ‘Best Song in a Game’ for “Far Away” by José González. González performed the song live at the show, with the following video playing on a screen behind the artist:

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)




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