The culture of steampunk is set for celebration at the Colorado Railroad Museum on Saturday, June 18th. Steampunk is a genre based upon steam power of 19th-century machinery, with cultural works typically offering either an alternative history of the 19th-century American West or Victorian era, or imagining a future or alternate world in which steam is the prime power source for society.

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With its collection of steam locomotives, the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden offers a natural setting for steampunk. From 10am to 5pm, the museum grounds will host steampunk vendors, busking performances, and give visitors the opportunity to ride behind an operational steam locomotive. As a bonus, the museum will give 50% off admission for those that come dressed in steampunk attire or bring a steampunk gadget (no weapons, real or fake, allowed). Doors open at 9am.

Following the day’s events, the museum will host its first-ever after-hours concert at its new pavilion. Colorado indie group Hydrogen Skyline will perform and concert-goers can partake of local food trucks and beer from local craft breweries in Golden. Concert admission is separate and the show is a 21-and-up event. The following is one song from Hydrogen Skyline, entitled “Inhale/Exhale”:

For further on the Steampunk event, visit the official link Steampunk at the Station. The official site for Hydrogen Skyline can be found at

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


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