Have fans of Red Dead Redemption (2010) been given an early look at the world of the game’s next installment? A map image, recently surfacing on the Internet, appears to give a draft glimpse of the follow-up to the acclaimed Western video game from Rockstar Games. Various websites have relayed that an independent source has verified this as a draft map.

Image – independent.co.uk

Viewing the map, the two regions that formed the upper north-east corner of the 2010 game map – Great Plains, and Tall Trees – are now the south-west corner, with substantial new areas now creating the majority of map. It was in the town of Blackwater, in the Great Plains region, that the single-player campaign of Red Dead Redemption, with gamers as the now-iconic character, John Marston, began.

John Marston (Image – wikia.net)

The shift of game-play to the north-east could signify the next installment in the Red Dead series will be a prequel and some online have argued that the lack of railroad development in the draft map also indicates an earlier time period than the 1911 of Redemption. Is John Marston set to return….or rather, we to him?

Recent speculation – based on email leaks earlier this year – also hints that a major announcement for the sequel/prequel to Red Dead Redemption will come at the 2016 E3 Electronic Expo conference, held June 14th to 16th in Los Angeles. Westernsreboot.com will continue to track developments.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


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