Union Station in Denver (2016), by Rhonda Beck, is a new book that explores the history of that iconic train station in Colorado’s capital. Released by Arcadia Publishing & History Press, the 160-page book surveys the stories of those that arrived in, departed from, and travelled thru a station stop that first opened June 1, 1881.

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Beck’s Union Station in Denver is divided into eight chapters: “The Final Spike: Denver Gets a Railroad”;“Three Structures: One Location”; “Red Cappers and Other Railroad Employees”; “Welcome to Denver: The City’s Gateway”; “Weary Travelers: Nearby Lodging”; “War!”; “Special Events”; “Revitalization”. Along with citizens and soldiers, luminaries such as US President Theodore Roosevelt and Wild West impresario Buffalo Bill Cody have passed thru the station. Beck also explores the various ski and special trains that connected to Denver.

Following almost two years of renovations beginning in 2012, Denver’s Union Station re-opened in July 2014 with a hotel, restaurants, retail stores, and a combination public space-train hall. In addition to serving Amtrak trains, the station also serves as a hub for light rail and bus. This year, on April 22nd, a new light rail service will link the station to the Denver International Airport some 23 miles away.

The following promo video gives some highlights from the book:

Further information about Union Station in Denver (2016) can be found at the official Arcadia link.

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