Forsaken (2016), the Western starring Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, debuts in North America this Friday, February 19th (in theatres & Video-on-Demand). The movie is the first feature film in which father and son have acted together, and they play those family roles in the story.

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Filmed in Alberta and directed by Jon Cassar, Kiefer Sutherland is John Henry Clayton, a Civil War veteran returning to his Wyoming hometown seven years after the war’s conclusion. In the years between, Clayton had become a noted gunslinger but he wants to leave that violence behind. Donald Sutherland is the now-widowed Reverend William Clayton, uneasy and uncertain about his son’s return.

John Henry’s resolve to forsake violence will be tested by tycoon James McCurdy (Brian Cox). McCurdy, with the help of his lead gunman (Michael Wincott) and a gang, is trying to drive local farmers from their land in order to re-sell that acreage to the oncoming railroad. Further complicating John Henry’s situation is the presence of his former love, played by Demi Moore.

In the following interview clip produced by Entertainment Tonight, the cast and director share their thoughts on the film, considering such themes as father and son, past loves, renewal, and the Western genre today:

To view the first official trailer for Forsaken, visit the post Forsaken TrailerFor the film’s official website, goto  Forsaken. The Canadian debut of the film is March 1st.

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