A new trailer has been released for the upcoming mountain man Western, The Revenant (2015). Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by the Oscar-winning Alejandro Inarritu, The Revenant is based on the 2002 novel of the same name and the real-life story of mountain man Hugh Glass. Mountain men were non-Indigenous fur trappers and explorers in the Rocky Mountains during the early- to-mid-19th century.

Set in 1823, DiCaprio plays Glass, a mountain man left for dead by his companions after being mauled by a massive grizzly bear (the one that attacked the real Glass was some seven feet tall). Surviving, Glass will set out to take revenge against those two men, played by Tom Hardy and Will Poulter. In this new trailer, reasons for his vengeance in the film are revealed to also have a family dimension:

The Revenant was filmed in British Columbia and Alberta and is set for a December 2015 release. The term “revenant” refers to a ghost or corpse that returns from the dead to threaten the living. For further background on the story of Hugh Glass (1780-1833), visit the Westernsreboot.com post Mountain Man Western.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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