September 25th marks the return of the Western crime series The Pinkertons to Canadian television. CHCH will debut the second half of the 22-episode series as a “Season 2” to Canadian audiences on Friday evenings. One season of the show has been produced thus far.

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First launched October 2014 in the United States, the show is based upon the real case files of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, created by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. Pinkerton (1819-1884) was a Scottish emigrant to the US, and established the agency in Chicago. In addition to adding the term “private eye” to the language, drawn their single eye logo, the agency is also known for employing the first female detective in the US, Kate Warne (1833-1868). Allan’s son, William (1846-1923), would head the agency upon his father’s death.

In the series The Pinkertons, Scottish actor Angus Macfadyen stars as Allan Pinkerton, Jacob Blair is William Pinkerton, and Martha MacIssac plays Kate Warne.


Left to Right: Allan Pinkerton (Macfadyen), Kate Warne (MacIssac), William Pinkerton (Blair) / Image –

Filmed in Manitoba, Canada, Season 1 is set in the American West of the mid-1860s, immediately following the US Civil War. The series recently had its UK and Irish debut on UKTV’s Drama Channel.  The show is intended for a broad audience and this site reviewed the first episode at Pinkertons – E1.  Here is a 2014 trailer for that first episode: 

The series was nominated in June by the Directors Guild of Canada for a Best Television Series – Drama award. The Directors Guild of Canada Awards will take place October 24th in Toronto.

The September 25th CHCH return of the series airs at 9pm (ET). Further information about the show on that station can be found at CHCH – Pinkertons.

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    1. Hi Carol…thanks for the visit to this site. I’m not sure of your location but if you are in Canada, then CHCH (based in Hamilton, ON) is one option by which to view the show. In fact, the CHCH website typically live-streams shows and you may be able to watch it directly via your computer regardless of your location (check dates & times).


    1. Hi Kitty….I appreciate the visit & comment. I have previously been in contact with one of the producers for the show but have yet to learn about a Season 2 for The Pinkertons. If I become aware of such, I will post that information on this site!


  1. I just started watching The Pinkertons on Netflix Canada. I like the show but I have spotted some historical bloopers. In Episode 3 when Kate tests for blood she uses a cotton swab…..cotton swabs weren’t invented until 1923. That to me is a serious blooper on the props people.

    1. Thanks for the visit & reply, Tracy. I appreciate the info about the cotton swabs and your observation points to the challenge that those creating historical/Western dramas face….correctly lining up the set, props, clothing, weapons and transportation with the era. To fabricate a believable and historically-accurate world (particularly without CGI) is an admirable goal…and a daunting one!


    1. Thanks for the visit & comment, Kirk. I’m in touch with one of the producers for the show and if any news is released as to a Season 2, I will be posting that info on this site!


    1. Hi Darlene…thanks for the visit. I have had previous contact with one of the executive producers of the show about any new season and at the time of that last contact (November 2016), nothing new had been announced yet.


  2. Just finished the first season and I love it !!! I am very upset to learn that there are still no plans or word on the 2nd season, especially taking into consideration on how the first ended. I hope someone will pass it on to the producers that there are many fans hoping for the show to go on and lets pray they keep same actors 🙂

    1. Hi Paulina….thanks for the visit. I’m happy to let you know that I have relayed your comment (with your name) directly to one of the producers of the show (Adam Moore), so that he is aware of the support from you (and many others!) for a second season.


  3. I’ve just finished watching this show in Australia on Netflix. I love it i certainly hope they will do a new season.

    1. Hi Carolyn…thanks for the visit and comment…glad to know that the Australian Netflix allowed you to watch it.

    1. Thanks for the visit & comment, Kathy. I will definitely update my site with any news as to the show continuing!

    The top photo from The Ellison Collection is of Robert and Allan Pinkerton of the famed Pinkerton Detective Agency. The middle photo is of a Pinkerton camp showing Allan in the center of the photo sitting alone in a chair and Robert sitting on the far right behind another gentleman but you can see he is wearing the same hat as in my tintype image. There are very few photos of Allan Pinkerton and most are from a distance but the last photo is a portrait photo of Allan Pinkerton. There is no doubt that my image is of the Pinkerton’s.

    The Pinkerton’s were responsible for the bombing of the James/Samuel Homestead resulting in the death of little Archie Samuel and the injury to Zerelda Samuel’s arm which resulted in sympathy for the James Gang.

    1. Thanks for your last two comments, Mr. Ellison (here and on the Jesse E. James post from 2012). I’ve moved the link you provided to the top of your above comment so that the descriptions you provide underneath are contextualized.


      1. Do you think that they would have a season 2 ? How do you get them to change their mind ? It was an interesting and entertaining show. People don’t know enough about the old west.

  5. Just finished the last episode of “The Pinkertons”.
    Happened upon it while perusing NetFlix.
    Really enjoyed this series.
    Very interesting to have real history included in the episodes.
    Was so disappointed to hear that there wasn’t a second season.

    1. Thanks for the visit & comment. As of yet, I have not heard of any official plans to re-start the show with a Season 2. As you can see from the various comments on this post, you were not alone in your enjoyment of it.


  6. It’s really upsetting to leave a series in limbo like that… and just never come back to it. They could’ve at least made a TV Movie to wrap things up if they didn’t want to go with another whole season. They get us all hooked on it and then just leave us completely hanging. So wrong.

    1. Thanks for the visit & comment, Treana. You’re right that it now has been a while (3 years) since the series last aired. Hopefully those involved in its production have considered what you suggest – i.e. a TV movie to wrap up story-lines.


  7. It seems nothing is going to bring back the pinkertons show. Like you said it been 3 years. The actors have probably moved on to other work by now. I really enjoyed the series. You should tell your producer friend that the XFlies came back maybe there hope for a limited series. Sell the concept to a different network. Whatever. We really could use this type of show on tv.

    1. Hi Alphonsina…thanks for the visit to this post. Your point about/parallel to The X-Files is an interesting one.

    1. Hi Virginia…thanks for the visit & comment. Netflix has been a platform for other series to return, so that is an option.


  8. Definitely one of the best series I like the combination of 1800 mystery detectives solving cases like we have nowadays but then… I really hope to see more of it in the near future!!

    1. Thanks for the visit & comment, Gwenda. As you can see from this page/article, there are many who join you in wishing for the show’s return.


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