A second season of Gunslingers is set to debut July 19th on the American Heroes Channel (AHC). The six-part docudrama series first premiered in 2014 and examined the lives of such Western legends as Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, and Jesse James.  Season 2 will take a look at further legends such as Butch Cassidy, Seth Bullock, Bat Masterson, and Bass Reeves.

Image – discovery.com

Gunslingers seeks to immerse the viewer in both the larger context and the given moment via a combination of expert analysis, historical re-enactments, and the voiced “thoughts” of a given figure. The following video from the Wyatt Earp episode of Season 1 demonstrates this approach (it features actor Kurt Russell, star of the 1993 Earp film, Tombstone):

The first episode of Season 2 – Butch Cassidy – The Perfect Criminal – premieres Sunday, July 19th at 10E/9C. Subsequent episodes will be shown on consecutive Sundays.

Further information about the series – including various video clips – can be found at Gunslingers.

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  1. Will have to see this series. I missed it somehow. Thanks for the heads up. By the way, my favorite western hero is Wild Bill Hickok. I read a biography about him once that was fascinating, and that attempted to separate fact from fiction. Or what we now call “urban legend”. What an extraordinary man (William) was. I’ve never forgotten “aces and eights”, the dead man’s hand.

    Among the stand-out incidents, to me, was when a gang of old enemies sent a wire that they would be coming in on a certain train and would be gunning for him. Bill simply sent a reply that he would meet them at the station and that he still wore his hair long. The gang never showed up.

    The second scene that I remember is the shootout between him and a gang of toughs in the town (I think Deadwood). Hickok had a good friend whom he told to stay away from that part of town and to not get involved because when he started shooting he did not always distinguish friend from foe. The friend ignored the warning thinking to help Hickok. The friend was killed. This haunted Hickok for the rest of his too brief life.

    It was an outstanding story that I have wanted to read it again. It was a library book and I can’t exactly remember the name of it. I have bought one since that is not the same one. Do you have any idea which one of the biographies it could be?

    1. You should definitley check the series out. I found it quite interesting, even though it may not be the most informative on the people it examined. If you have Verizon, I think season 1 is still there. Look under free shows, by channel, then American Heroes Network (AHC). I didn’t learn a lot of new info, but enjoyed it nonetheless and am looking forward to season 2.

  2. Hi Linda….I appreciate the time of a visit and a comment. I’m not sure which particular book you are referring to but invite other visitors to this site to offer suggestions. If I come across the specific title, I will post it here.

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