The Union Pacific Railroad Museum, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is currently featuring the paintings of famed railroad artist Howard Fogg (1917-1996). The exhibit, entitled “History Revealed:Art and Illustration on the Railroad”, explores images reflecting both the development and perception of American railroads over time.

Beginning with landscape illustrations of the 1850s, perceptions move from that of an aggressive transcontinental railroad changing both landscape and local populations to 20th century representations of the railroad as progress. The latter perception was often related to the fact that such artwork had been commissioned by railroads themselves.

Howard Fogg painting / Image –

Born in New York, Fogg fought as a fighter pilot in World War II. Prior to his service, he had worked as both a passenger information clerk and an apprentice engineer. Fogg moved into full-time art work following the war, receiving various commissions. A physical move to the West followed in 1955, when Fogg and his family relocated to Boulder, Colorado. Six paintings by Fogg are showcased in the exhibit, which runs from May 21st to August 29th.

For further information about the exhibit and the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Omaha, visit UPRR. On a related note, has been traveling those very Union Pacific railroad lines thru Omaha this past week, arriving in Denver on May 31st and beginning the return trip to the Detroit region (by way of Chicago) today (June 4th). Amtrak’s California Zephyr is the current passenger train to Denver.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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