Westernsreboot.com is wrapping up a 5-day visit to Denver, Colorado, and this writer was able to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden on January 6th. Located north-east of downtown Golden (which is 12 miles west of Denver), the museum gives access to a wide range of historic railroad equipment that includes locomotives, passenger and dining cars, maintenance equipment, and of course, the beloved caboose. Visitors can also see examples of a water tower, turntable, and roundhouse.

Click to Enlarge / Image - Chad Beharriell
Click to Enlarge / Image – Chad Beharriell

This writer was impressed with the access given to the equipment. Entry into a car is provided via steps and allows one to share in the space experienced by a 19th century railroad worker. This physical immersion, it can be argued, brings impressions not found via either third-party accounts or media. Throughout the rail yard a number of placards relay detailed information about a piece of equipment or aspect of railroad history. Staff at the museum were quite friendly and helpful – thanks for storing my coat and laptop bag without a problem!

View from inside Caboose (Click to Enlarge) / Image - Chad Beharriell
View from inside Caboose (Click to Enlarge) / Image – Chad Beharriell

In addition to the presentation of railroad equipment and ongoing exhibits within the museum’s main building, the organization also maintains the Robert W. Richardson Railroad Library, a premier rail research and reference collection. Further information about the museum can be found at Colorado Railroad Museum.

This writer enjoyed his time exploring railroad history in Golden….and now is getting ready to board a 21st century Amtrak train tonight for the return trip home. Back to the future, right? 😉

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


    1. Thanks for the comment, L.T. I really enjoyed my time there and would love to return…the speaker series they also run, entitled “Colorado Rails and Cocktails”, sounds like it would be interesting and fun as well!


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