The annual Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train is now riding the rails across the United States and Canada. The CP Holiday Train visits numerous communities in both countries to gather food & funds for the local food banks of each stop visited. Lit up with holiday lights, the train features various musical artists who play a concert from a boxcar that has been modified into a travelling stage.

CP Holiday Train (CP Image)

While the concerts are free, CP asks those who are able to make a donation of either a non-perishable food item or cash donation. Donations are gathered on-site during the Holiday Train’s local visit. The food drive-by-rails program started in 1999 and according to CP, it has raised 3.3 million pounds of food and almost $9.5 million for local food banks since then.

Musical artists performing this year include Jim Cuddy of the famous Canadian group, Blue Rodeo, and up-and-coming country artist Kira Isabella, who has toured with Carrie Underwood. The Canadian tour began November 26th in Quebec with the US tour starting today, November 27th, in Pennsylvania. The tour amounts to over 150 free concerts with stops in 7 US states and a path that literally stretches across Canada from La Belle Province (Quebec) to the coast of British Columbia. The US tour concludes on December 16th in North Dakota with the Canadian segment ending December 18th in BC. The full schedule and map for both countries can be found at Train Schedule.

The lights of the 14 decorated rail cars of the CP Holiday Train, which is some 1000 feet in length, never turn off during its tour. For further information about the train, visit CP Holiday Train .

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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