Netflix has rode to the rescue of the contemporary Western series Longmire. It has now been announced that the video streaming service will carry the show, the fate of which was in limbo for several months. Set in present-day Wyoming, the TV series ran for three seasons on A&E until a surprise cancellation by the network this past August. Longmire averaged 5.6 million viewers per episode in its most recent season.

A strong ensemble cast is led by Robert Taylor, who plays Sheriff Walt Longmire, and the show has explored both contemporary life in the American West as well as range of current issues such as fracking, Indigenous rights, survivalist culture, and animal rights. The series is drawn from the original novels of Wyoming resident and former law enforcement officer Craig Johnson. The lead cast includes Lou Diamond Phillips, Katee Sackhoff, Bailey Chase, Adam Bartley, and Cassidy Freeman.

Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire (Click to Enlarge) / A&E Image
Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire (Click to Enlarge) / A&E Image

Netflix has ordered 10 new episodes for a Season 4 debut of Longmire in 2015. It is worth noting that since the initial news of cancellation by A&E, that fans of the series led a strong and continual social media campaign to have the show picked up and renewed. Production for Season 4 is expected to begin in March.

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  1. I’ve managed to catch a handful of episodes of this show, Chad. I liked what I’ve seen so far and it’s good to know that it’s been picked up for at least another season.

  2. Thanks for the visit & comment, Colin. Glad you have been able to watch the show…in my view, it is singular series…there is nothing else like it on TV (or online now, ha).

    1. I hope to catch up with more episodes, Chad. As I said, I’ve only seen a few so far but I agree that it’s one of the better shows around right now.

  3. If A & E doesn’t continue this series, I will seriously reconsider the quality of programming on this station. There are so few really good shows on and nothing much on local stations. Finally, we have a series that is well written and intelligent, so, what is the first thing they think to do? Cancel, of course. Fire the guy who said that. He probably wants to go to so-called reality programming which is what is causing adults to quit watching locally. People like me (senior) and older spend all the money, not those teenagers who watch reality(???????)

  4. Longmire is one of the best scripted series to come along in many years. I was glad to see Netflix recognize that. I think the focus of the shows fans also demonstrates the hunger for quality programming. It also shows how foolish it was to discount a group based on outmoded demographics especially when that group holds far more disposable income than the stated desired demographc. To quote Craig Johnson “we’ve been to the rodeo and have the buckle to prove it”. Madison Ave and TV execs need to take note of that

  5. We came to Longmire late in its A&E life, and fell in love with the cinematography, writing and casting, and its lack of superfluous bad language and sex scenes. When it was cancelled, we quickly bought Seasons One and Two on DVD and resurrected an unused Twitter account to stampede with the Longmire Posse. Now, we have an Internet/Netflix-capable Blu-Ray en route and will join the Posse on Netflix as its Longmire debut approaches.

  6. I just wanted to say thanks to all visiting the site/this post and for sharing your enthusiasm about Longmire’s pick-up by Netflix. In addition to my writing, I teach a Western genre course at the college level and my students, who are often unfamiliar with Westerns, have been quite intrigued by Longmire. I think as a contemporary/mystery Western it offers an accessible way into the genre as a whole. Many of the students have told me they have become devoted watchers.

    As I have mentioned in several posts on this site, the series is quite singular and the way it explores the modern American West within its dramatic framework is very well done. For further reading on its strength as a contemporary Western, the following post may be of interest:

    Thanks again for the visits and comments. Please come and share as you wish! 🙂

  7. Here’s to LONGMIRE’S continued and well deserved success. A great bunch of talented people have put a lot of hard work , love and craft into the making of this series. KUDO’s to netflix for recognizing this and the potential of this contemporary western

  8. I’m delighted to read of this! My wife and I are now die hard fans of the Longmire television series and love watching it for both the storylines and the beautiful areas that it’s filmed in.

    I have finally finished reading the Longmire book series as well, and I think it pales compared to the version being offered on the big screen. The books are well presented and the characters keep bringing me back, but the storylines keep getting more and more fantastical as the written version progresses. I just hope the screen version continues to explore the more realistic themes.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Mitch. I think that in the move to Netflix – and the promotion that goes with that – the potential is there for Longmire to reach an even-greater audience than it already has.

    1. Thanks for the visit & the comment. I agree that Netflix should be a very supporting platform for more seasons of Longmire.

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