A new illustrated book that chronicles the history of Chicago as a railroad hub is coming down the track. Chicago: America’s Railroad Capital (The Illustrated History: 1836 to Today) is a collaborative effort guided by author and photographer Brian Solomon, whose work is joined by that of three rail journalists.

Image – Quarto Publishing / Click to Enlarge
Chicago: America’s Railroad Capital looks at both Chicago’s central location in North America as a hub for the railroad and the railways’ connection to the development of the city itself. Chicago played a key role in the expansion of the United States westward in the 19th century, and numerous railroad corporations have made their headquarters there, with facilities created and hundreds of thousands employed.

The book combines historical photographs, modern photography and maps in its exploration of the relationship between Chicago and the railroad, a relationship that continues today. This writer, having travelled via Amtrak numerous times to and thru Chicago, can attest to the vibrant role railways still play in the city. Arriving thru the rail yards to Chicago’s historic and busy Union Station downtown always feels exciting.

Chicago: America’s Railroad Capital is published by Quarto Publishing Group USA and is available from that publisher and various online retailers on October 15, 2014.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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