A&E’s contemporary Western mystery series Longmire concludes its third season tonight at 10pm (EST) / 9pm (CST). Set in present-day Wyoming, the show is based on the popular novel series of the same name by Wyoming resident, Craig Johnson. Lead character Sheriff Walt Longmire is played by Robert Taylor and he is backed by a strong ensemble cast that includes Lou Diamond Phillips, Katee Sackhoff, Bailey Chase, Adam Bartley, and Cassidy Freeman. Johnson is himself a former law enforcement officer and is a creative consultant for the A&E show. Johnson’s friend, Marcus Red Thunder, the inspiration for the Cheyenne character Henry Standing Bear (played by Lou Diamond Phillips), is also a series advisor.

Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire (A&E Image) / Click to Enlarge
Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire (A&E Image) / Click to Enlarge

The approach of Longmire’s first two seasons was to combine larger character-driven narrative arcs with stand-alone mysteries that would be resolved each episode. Contemporary issues explored in the show have included Indigenous territorial rights, fracking, and animal activism. In the current season, there have been 3 episodes of the 9 thus far that have focused specifically upon the stories of the characters.

Prior to tonight’s season finale, Season 3 of Longmire has averaged 3.5 million viewers to date. The show had the highest premiere ever for an original drama on A&E when it debuted in 2012. Further official information about the series can be found at Longmire.

UPDATE (August 6, 2014): The Season 3 finale of Longmire garnered 3.68 million viewers. 

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  1. I really like “Longmire,” but the stories move far too quickly for me. I wish they’d limit the number of story arcs and tell more of a straight narrative. And give Ferg a cowboy hat, for crying out loud!

    1. Thanks for the comment, L.T., and your visit to this site. I wonder if the move back to a 10-episode season (it was 13 episodes last year) has condensed more content into a shorter time-frame. Aside from the characters’ stories, one thing I think the show does very well is examine contemporary issues in a Western/Wyoming content. There is no other series on TV doing that right now!

      1. You’re right about the Western/Wyoming angle, Chad. I lived and worked in Wyoming for a number of years and appreciate that viewpoint.

        Hey — considering that Gerald McRaney used to co-star with Jameson Parker in “Simon & Simon,” is it possible that the production company accidentally hired the wrong guest star when Parker Stevenson showed up a few episodes ago?

        Speaking of Mr. Parker, I really enjoyed his memoir, “An Accidental Cowboy.” He also blogs at http://readjamesonparker.com.

  2. Thanks for the follow-up, L.T. I just watched the season finale and whew, not sure if a McRaney and Parker reunion could happen after that ending! 😉 Hopefully word will come soon from A&E for a Season 4 (and I will post about it once I know).

    1. I’m anxious to check out the finale. I subscribe to “Longmire” via Apple TV and the show’s supposed to be available on Tuesdays — but occasionally it doesn’t mosey in until later in the week. “Justified” had the same issue.

  3. We just began watching this series last evening and are delighted with it. Wonderful locations and imagery, along with intelligent stories — though I do wish they were a bit more in depth.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Mitch. I think you may find the story-lines interesting as you get deeper into the series. Longmire, in my opinion, a great job of incorporating contemporary issues (e.g. fracking, Indigenous rights, animal rights activism) into the show.


    1. Thanks for the visit and time of a comment, Kathleen. That was a strong finale, I agree. The Branch character is interesting…he doesn’t originate from the novel series and his character development/arc has been well-written and acted (by Bailey Chase).


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