Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, an animated Western series that launched in January 2014 on the Disney network, is now a #1 series. Featuring the voice of songwriter-actor Mandy Moore as the cat sheriff, Callie, the show is now (to date) the top series for preschool-dedicated TV networks in terms of total viewers & children ages 2-5.

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Described by Disney as what is the first Western series for preschoolers, the show explores questions about morals and manners thru the adventures of Sheriff Callie, her deputy Peck, a woodpecker, and Toby, their cactus sidekick. Callie is the sheriff for the frontier-era town of Nice and Friendly Corners.

In an interview with the official Disney fan club in January, Moore relayed what she admired about the female lead character, sharing that: “I love that Callie chases bandits, rescues townspeople and rides out to help someone in trouble. She’s really the hero of Nice and Friendly Corners!

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Sheriff Callie’s Wild West airs daily on both the main Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Each half-hour episode is composed of two stories and a new episode will premiere this coming Friday, June 20th on the Disney Channel at 9am (ET/PT). In the first installment, entitled “Moustache Toby”, Toby learns a lesson about trying to be something he is not when wearing a fake moustache to appear like a tough cowboy gets him into trouble. Then, problems result when chilies are taken without permission during the town’s annual Chili Cook-off in “Doc’s Cheatin’ Chili”.

Interested parents can learn more about the series, which carries a TV-Y (all children) guideline, at Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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