A coalition of ranchers and Indigenous peoples in opposition to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline has recently been represented in a work of crop art.

Image - mintpressnews.com
Image – mintpressnews.com / Click to Enlarge

The Keystone pipeline would carry tar sands oil across the American West from Alberta, Canada, to oil refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Landowners and Indigenous nations along the proposed route – particularly in Nebraska – have taken a strong stand against the pipeline. Citing the need to protect local soil and water, these groups oppose a pipeline that would carry tar sands oil, an intrinsically abrasive and toxic substance. The pipeline would be built by the Canadian company, TransCanada Corp.

The above crop art includes the image of a man in cowboy hat and an American Indian with porcupine roach and two feathers. It was created with tractors and represents the words: Heartland #NoKXL (No Keystone XL) . The art is estimated to be the approximate size of 80 US football fields.

Today, April 22nd, marks Earth Day, and a coalition called the Cowboy Indian Alliance has arrived in Washington, DC, to set up an encampment on the National Mall in Washington through to April 27. The group of Indigenous peoples, ranchers and farmers will arrive on horseback to protest against the Keystone pipeline. Further information about the movement can be found at Reject & Protect.

Photo of Gary Dorr (Nez Perce) and Nebraska rancher Ben Gotschall by Mary Anne Andrei / Bold Nebraska
Gary Dorr (Nez Perce) & Nebraska rancher Ben Gotschall  / Image – Bold Nebraska / Click to Enlarge

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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