Spirit of Steamboat (2013), a novella in the Longmire mystery series, is the first book to be featured in the new One Book Wyoming program. Authored by Wyoming resident Craig Johnson, the Longmire books are the basis for the hit A&E Longmire TV series (2012 to present).

Launched in February, the goal of One Book Wyoming 2014 is to promote community-wide connections and dialogue via the reading of a selected book. Wyoming libraries across the state will host events that will include discussions of Spirit of Steamboat and guest appearances from author Johnson.

Author Criag Johnson / Image - One Book Wyoming
Author Criag Johnson / Image – One Book Wyoming

Johnson is a former law enforcement officer living in Ucross, Wyoming. He serves as a creative consultant for the Longmire TV series. The lead character of the books, Sheriff Walt Longmire of fictional Wyoming country Absaroka, is played by Robert Taylor. Lou Diamond Phillips plays Longmire’s best friend, the Cheyenne character of Henry Standing Bear.

The Longmire TV series returns with its third season later this year. Buffalo, Wyoming, will host its third annual “Longmire Days” July 17-20, 2014, in appreciation of the novels and the TV show and a number of cast members attend each year. 

Visit One Book Wyoming for further information about its program. Further background on TV show can be found at A&E Longmire.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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