A new animated Western series for children is expanding within the Disney network. Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, which launched in January on the Disney Junior Channel, will now also run on the main Disney Channel beginning today, February 17th. Touted as the first Western series for preschoolers, singer-songwriter and actor Mandy Moore provides the voice for the lead character, Sheriff Callie.

Mandy Moore (Image – zimbio.com)

The show’s goal is to share ideas about morals, manners, friendship, and being a good neighbor. As sheriff for the frontier-era town of Nice and Friendly Corners, Callie is assisted by her deputy Peck, a woodpecker, and their cactus sidekick, Toby. In its début, the first show in the 23-episode first season was the highest ranking TV show for the preschooler demographic in its time slot.

Image – Disney Junior

In its first week on the Disney Channel, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West will run back-to-back episodes each day (Monday to Friday) at 12 noon & 12:30 pm ET/PT. Following this premiere week, the show will then air daily in a 12 noon time slot on Disney.  Interested parents can learn more about the series, which carries a TV-Y (all children) guideline, at Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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