One of the stories of popular Western writer Louis L’Amour is set for publication in graphic novel format. The North Dakota-born L’Amour (1908-1988) created a number of Western series and stand-alone books with various works adapted for film and television. Law of the Desert Born, first published as a short story in 1946, will be released on October 8th as a graphic novel.

L'Amour graphic novel
Image –

The story is set in 1887 New Mexico and focuses upon the personal journeys of two men – one is a rustler, the other is a half-Apache and half-Mexican tracker. L’Amour’s own son, Beau, has been involved in the story’s transition to the graphic novel. As with many of L’Amour’s works, Law of the Desert Born has also been recorded as an audio book. A trailer for the graphic novel has now been released:

Image – Law of the Desert Born –

L’Amour was a voracious reader himself, something he outlined in his 1989 posthumous autobiography Education of a Wandering Man – his personal library was estimated at some 10,000 books. At the time of his passing in 1988, over 200 million copies of L’Amour’s books had been sold. In the 25 years since then, sales of his books are estimated at over 120 million copies. Further information about the new L’Amour graphic novel can be found at this official website link: Law of the Desert Born

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  1. Interesting development. Although I wouldn’t class myself as a huge fan of graphic novels, the format does represent a significant market, particularly with young people. As a kid, I read plenty of western comic books, but they seemed to die away. By using classic western writing, as L’Amour’s work certainly is, this looks like a return to those days and also a way to introduce this kind of genre fiction to a new (probably younger) audience.

    1. Thanks for the time of a comment, Colin. I would agree that this particular medium could draw a different/potentially younger demographic to the Western genre….as has happened with the AMC Western TV series Hell on Wheels (2011 to Present) and the Western video game Red Dead Redemption (2010).

      Thanks again,

  2. It’s exciting to see posts about our book! Creating Law of the Desert Born was a ton of fun and, of course, the whole team is hoping it’s successful enough to justify another. We went to a lot of trouble to create a Western that had a lot of classic aspects but was told in a non traditional manner, playing against type and style in subtle ways. The art is beautiful and we did a great deal of research to be able to portray as real an environment as possible. There’s a lot more information over at lawofthedesertborn DOT com.


    Beau L’Amour

    1. Beau….your visit and comments are very much appreciated at this site….thank you for taking the time do so. I have updated this post to include both the trailer for the novel and a direct link to the website you provided. Thanks again very much for your time.


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