The second season of A&E’s well-received Western mystery series Longmire will conclude tonight (August 26th). The sophomore season of this contemporary Western has maintained strong ratings thru the 12 of its 13 total episodes – Longmire has had an average of 3.64 million viewers in Season 2.

The TV series is based upon the popular mystery novel series of the same name, written by Craig Johnson, and stars Robert Talyor as lead character Walt Longmire. Longmire is a present-day sheriff in the fictional county of Absaroka, Wyoming. The strong ensemble cast also includes Lou Diamond Phillips, Katee Sackhoff, Bailey Chase, Adam Bartley and Cassidy Freeman.

Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt Longmire 

A&E Image

For this writer, Longmire does at least two things exceptionally well – the series presents a believable mix of “Old West” and “New West” components, as would befit modern Wyoming, and it has explored a number of current issues (e.g. fracking) in a dramatically-interesting way. For further analysis on this site of those two aspects, please visit these links: 

The Old & The New West 

Longmire – Fracking.

The Season 2 finale of Longmire will airs tonight/August 26th at 10E/9C on A&E.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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