This writer had the recent opportunity to attend an intriguing exhibition at the Denver Public Library entitled “The Artistry of Railroads”. Running from June 14th to August 31st, the collection, in its words, “turns the tables” on the expected viewpoint of railways as the subject as art. While railways have been depicted by artists since their inception, this exhibition presents railways as producers of art themselves.

The Art of Railways
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(Image – Chad Beharriell)

“The Artistry of Railroads” notes that concurrent to the art produced by railroads was – and so remains – the need to commercially present an aesthetically-pleasing and successful image. The exhibition acknowledges how art has historically been a key component of railroad advertising for everything from the posters for routes to maps to tickets.

Example from “The Artistry of Railroads”

Additionally, the collection also showcases a number of mechanical drawings related to, for example, the construction and maintenance of railway cars. This writer can attest that the 19th century schematics were incredibly detailed.

Further information and images related to the exhibit can be found at this link: The Artistry of Railroads

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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