Nat Geo Wild, a TV channel of National Geographic, is set to premiere a three-part special that looks at nature in the West of North America. The Wild West makes its TV debut tonight – Sunday, June 2nd – from 8 to 11 pm EST.

Nat Geo Wild Image

The three-hour special is narrated by actor Timothy Olyphant (star of the rural crime series Justified) and uses high-quality footage to show the wild creatures of the western deserts, mountains and coasts. “High Noon” (the first episode at 8pm EST) looks at the living things that can survive in one of the toughest climates on the continent – the desert. Hawks, rattlesnakes and scorpions are among the creatures showcased.

The second episode “True Grit” travels up into the Rocky Mountains to follow wolves and grizzly bears amongst spectacular scenery. Viewers then make their way to the coast with “Gold Rush” to see how bobcats, owls and snakes make a home within the redwood forest and how an elephant seal colony survives on the shores of California.

The Wild West had its film premiere on March 17th at the Sun Valley Film Festival in Idaho.

Viewers in various time-zones should consult local listings for the running order of the special in their region. For further information on The Wild West (and for a listing of episodes across time-zones), one can visit this official (updated in 2017) link: National Geographic – The Wild West.

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  1. Thanks for the visit, Doug. I did see that the schedule for the show (for those with the channel) did vary across North American time-zones and across countries. There are several clips from the show posted on the above site link (listed under “Video”) so hopefully you are able to at least view those!


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