This is the 100th post for and to mark that this writer would like to first thank everyone who has taken the time to visit this site as well as leave comments since this site’s launch in late September of 2011. While the ease to access of  the Internet and websites seems to be ever-increasing, time often remains scarce in many busy lives and so I continue to appreciate those who direct some of that time this way.

Secondly, this post also provides an update of some changes for this site – its own reboot. Posts have now been organized under a number of new categories to facilitate searches – new categories of Books / Art / Music, Documentaries, TV and Video Games have been added to the header above. The search engine – on the right-hand side of the page – remains as one way to find topics.

Another new feature is the Top Posts ranking – on the right-hand side viewers will see the most viewed posts within the last 48 hours. These rankings serve as a form of “trending” for this site.


The next few months promise a lot of interesting developments in the Western genre that will cover. The next edition in the Call of Juarez video game series – Gunslinger – is released this Wednesday, May 22nd, the contemporary Western mystery series Longmire will debut its second season on Monday, May 27th and the acclaimed Hell on Wheels returns to AMC on August 3rd. Mainstream audiences are also likely to be drawn to the Western genre with the release of the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Lone Ranger (2013) on July 3rd. This site posts articles at least once a week and often more frequently – so please come to back to visit when you can.

Thanks for reading.

Chad Beharriell

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


  1. Congratulations on your 100 Chad! You do a good job of drawing attention to all aspects of the western as a cultural phenomenon. I don’t always get the chance to leave comments but your work and dedication is appreciated.

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