As indicated within the About and the Welcome / Courses / Links sections of this site, I teach a Westerns film course at the college level. This post provides an update and options for those interested in enrolling for the upcoming Spring 2013 term. Students have two options to ride the “e-railway” of the Internet to enroll.

St. Clair College (located in the Detroit-Windsor region) offers Westerns: Film as Lens to the Present as a general elective course within both its School of Community Studies and its Continuing Education department. The course is available to registered St. Clair students both on-campus and online.

The class explores a number of themes within the genre of Westerns –  themes include Origins of the Western, Components of the Western, Landscape & Setting, Indigenous Peoples, Women, Directors, Actors, Soundtracks, TV Westerns, Graphic Novels, Animated Films and the Video Game West. The course examines such current Westerns as AMC’s Hell on Wheels, A&E’s Longmire and Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption.

There will be one St. Clair offering for the Spring 2013 term – one section of the course will be offered online via the School of Community Studies. The online St. Clair offering runs for a total of 12 weeks beginning May 6th – please click on the St. Clair link below for further information:

St. Clair College – The School of Community Studies – Spring 2013 Term – Online – May 6th to July 28th Contact your Program Coordinator at St. Clair

A second option to study Westerns at the college level this Spring term is an online Westerns film course I provide via Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This 14-week course is open to all international students and adult learners (registration is open until May 17th).

Westerns: A Study in the Film Genre – Online / Sault College – Spring 2013 Term – May 10th to August 16th, 2013 – Westerns @ Sault College

So however you choose to ride into class, all are welcome!

Please feel free to contact me directly at with any questions. Thanks.

Chad Beharriell, MA


  1. I registered for the online course through Sault College. Registration was surprisingly fast and easy, it was just a 15 minute phone call and I was registered. I can’t wait for class to start!

  2. Thanks for the comment and your interest in the course, coach_wargo! Welcome!

    By way of some early information, the course is designed to use the text, The Rough Guide to Westerns (Paul Simpson, 2006). The publisher is in the process of ending their production run for the text and eventually a new text will be utilized for future editions of the class. That said, there are numerous copies available online – e.g. – feel free to contact me if you have any early questions or difficulty finding the text.

    Looking forward to your participation.

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