Timeless Media Group has followed up its 2012 DVD release of the first season of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams with the show’s second (and final) season. The 4-DVD set includes 24 episodes and also a bonus interview with Dan Haggerty, who starred in the title role.

Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams

The series is set in 1850s with Haggerty playing James Capen Adams, a settler falsely accused of murder. Realizing the impossibility of proving his innocence, he heads into the Western mountains. Struggling to survive as a “greenhorn”, he encounters an orphaned grizzly bear cub that he rescues and then raises. Adams names the bear “Ben”.

As he remains in the mountains, Grizzly Adams discovers that he has a kinship with animals and the natural world. That effort to live in harmony with the natural environment is a central narrative thread for the show. In addition to the companionship of Ben, Adams also has two good friends in Mad Jack, a mountain man played by Denver Pyle, and Nakoma, a Crow man played by Don Shanks.

The TV series, which ran for two seasons on NBC beginning in 1977, was preceded by a feature-length film of the same name in 1974. The film also starred Haggerty but had a different actor provide narration – the movie would gross $65 million worldwide. Here is the trailer for the Season Two DVD-set of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams:

An earlier post on westernsreboot further explores the production of the show and its major ideas – that article can be viewed at this link: Grizzly Adams Returns 

This writer wonders what the ethos of Grizzly Adams would say about the state of the natural world today.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


  1. Thank you for visiting the site, Sharyl, and for the time of a comment. This show is quite singular – there is nothing comparable to it today and the ideas contained within it (e.g. living in harmony with the natural world) continue to resonate.


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