AMC – the host network for Hell on Wheels – is currently screening the acclaimed historical series Into the West prior to each episode of its weekly Western railway drama. Hell on Wheels stars Anson Mount, Common, Dominique McElligott and Colm Meaney.

Into the West follows the story of two families – one Indigenous and the other Euro-American – as they are respectively affected and connected by the westward movement of US expansion across North America. Originally broadcast in 2005 on the TNT network, the six-part series (each episode is two hours) examines the years 1825 to 1890. Into the West was produced by Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios.

The mini-series has an impressive mix of Indigenous and non-Indigenous actors – Graham Greene, Josh Brolin, Wes Studi and Tom Berenger are among the cast. The series was filmed in Alberta and New Mexico. This clip provides the opening credits to each episode:

Interestingly, Episode 4 of the series is entitled, Hell on Wheels, and dramatizes the race between the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railways to first link the continent by train. AMC’s six-week run of Into West began Sunday, September 2nd – each episode begins at 7pm (EST) on Sundays and leads into the current season of Hell on Wheels at 9pm (EST).

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)


  1. Hi Jan….thanks for your contact. The AMC show Hell on Wheels is connected to the content of episode 4 of the series Into the West – i.e. that episode deals with the construction of the transcontinental railroad and is in fact named “Hell on Wheels” – but the two series are separate productions and have different story-lines with different characters.

    For example, the Into the West episode (screened Sept.23rd on AMC) focused on the Central Pacific railroad while it is the competing Union Pacific that is the focus of the weekly Hell on Wheels. That Into the West episode also went farther ahead in time (to 1869 and the completion of the transcontinental railway) while AMC’s Hell on Wheels is currently around mid-1866.

    Thanks again for visiting the site.


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