The official premiere for the second season of AMC’s acclaimed Hell on Wheels took place Monday, July 30th in Beverly Hills, California. First launched in November of 2011, this dramatic Westerns TV series is set within the framework of the construction of the Union Pacific transcontinental railroad in the post-Civil War West. The lead character, former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon (played by Anson Mount), seeks revenge for the murder of his family by a Union gang during the Civil War. At the conclusion of season one there were several possible repercussions – both legally and emotionally for the character of Bohannon – given his revenge mission.

The series explores a number of themes that include American expansionism, race relations between white workers and former African-American slaves hired by the railway, Indigenous territorial rights and social class.

At the premiere for the second season, Mount shared that further story development, an increased budget and more time will effectively elevate the drama and action inherent to the show’s narrative threads. Mount stated that the ambitions of characters will collide and interact in a dynamic way. He also shared his enjoyment with filming the series in Alberta and that the location can be used to the show’s advantage.

AMC has supported the launch of the show’s second year with a selection of background video material. That material has included cast interviews and the following clip, which gives viewers the sense of where various narrative threads were left at the end of season one:

AMC will premiere the 10 episode second season of Hell on Wheels on Sunday, August 12th.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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