AMC has  now released its promotional trailer for the second season of Hell on Wheels. The first season of this well-received TV Western series – launched in November 2011 – set its narrative foundation within the construction of the US transcontinental railroad in the immediate post-Civil War West. In the show’s first episode, the lead character, a former Confederate soldier named Cullen Bohannon (played by Anson Mount), arrives at the mobile railway town named “Hell on Wheels” to seek revenge for the death of his family by Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon

Bohannon’s revenge quest is the narrative thread that sees the character move into the position of construction foreman and it shapes – and perhaps limits – his interactions with number of well-developed characters presented by the show. Those characters include that of Elam Ferguson (Common), a newly-freed slave seek to advance economically and socially, and Lilly Bell (Dominique McElligott), a widowed Englishwoman whose deceased husband had been a surveyor for the Union Pacific.

It will be Bohannon’s determination to avenge his wife and son that – in the final episode of the first season – brings not peace but a range of consequences. Here is the trailer for the second season:

AMC will premiere the 10 episode second season of Hell on Wheels on Sunday, August 12th.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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