Within the last month a series of interviews have taken place with cast members of the AMC Western series Hell on Wheels to both preview and promote the acclaimed show as it readies for its second season.

This dramatic series portrays the building of the US transcontinental railroad westward in the immediate years after the end of the US Civil War. Anson Mount plays Cullen Bohannon, the central figure of the show. Bohannon is a former Confederate soldier who travels to the mobile railway construction town called “Hell on Wheels” on a revenge quest. He seeks a gang of Union soldiers that murdered his wife and son during the Civil War.

The series contains a number of well-developed characters, including that of Elam Ferguson. Ferguson – a newly-freed slave now working for the railroad – is played by hip-hop artist, poet and actor Common. Ferguson is a leader among his fellow African-American workers and by the end of the first season has received additional duties from railroad tycoon Thomas Durant (Colm Meaney).

In the following interview clip (conducted by newswatchtv.com), Mount and Common discuss a number of topics as a prelude to the second season. They reveal that the second season will focus on a major construction project that actually took place in western Nebraska and viewers will be able to see the visual progress of a railway bridge across a gorge.

Additional subjects highlighted in this interview include what Mount and Common feel to be some of their favorite scenes from Season One, how the second season will give viewers a chance to know the main characters on an even deeper level and the variables of working both with live animals and the weather of their Alberta shooting location. 

The complete first season of AMC’s Hell on Wheels was released on Blu-ray on May 15th and is rated TV-14. Hell on Wheels will premiere its second season on Sunday, August 12th and will run for 10 episodes.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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