The AMC television series Hell on Wheels – first launched in November of 2011 – is now into production for its second season. The start of this May saw cast and crew filming in a new Alberta location – cinematography for the first season was focused southwest of metropolitan Calgary on the territory of the Tsuu T’ina Nation. Current shooting is underway at a location along the Bow River southeast of Calgary.

The show – set in the immediate years after the end of the US Civil War – follows a number of complex characters that are involved in and affected by the process of constructing the transcontinental railroad westward.  Cullen Bohannon (played by Anson Mount) is the central figure of this Western drama – Bohannon is a former Confederate soldier who becomes foreman for the Union Pacific as it lays its track toward the west in 1865. His foreman duties provides him with a base by which to track down the gang of Union soldiers that during the war had murdered his wife and son.  

AMC has done well to create a number of video materials to support and contextualize Hell on Wheels during its first season. This short segment – supporting the final episode of the first season – provides some background toward the potential paths that the show may take in its second season.

The air date for the launch of the second season is still to be announced by AMC.

(Copyright – Chad Beharriell)

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